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Issue 129, April 2000

Addiction addicts

The tendency to see addiction in everything from smoking to shopping is a morbid social symptom, argues Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

Counsel estates

Brendan O'Neill reports from the deprived Aylesbury Estate in south London, where according to the government, poverty is all in the mind

Trivial pursuits?

The petty nature of politics reflects a more profound contempt for the electorate, explains Frank Furedi

The hollow men

Claire Fox on the new elite: what's what, and what's not

Jobs for lifestyles

Are we really 'all temps now'? asks Jennie Bristow
4 Mick Hume The only thing this case has proved 'beyond reasonable doubt' is that English libel law is a disgrace to democracy and a menace to a free press

6 LM Online

8 Counsel estates Brendan O'Neill

10 Modern footballers: kicked about Carlton Brick

11 Italy's banners Dominic Standish

12 Austria-cised Linda Ryan

13 Opinion: Ill-conceived advice Ann Bradley

14 Politics today: trivial pursuits? Frank Furedi

16 London's mayor - who cares? Bruno Waterfield

16 A queer platform Peter Tatchell talks to Sandy Starr

18 A coup from within Mark Seddon

20 Nuclear reaction Joe Kaplinsky

21 Fudging Frankenfood Tony Gilland

23 Beach games Jennie Bristow

24 Addiction addicts Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

26 SAD and MAD in Scotland Dolan Cummings

27 An Englishwoman in Washington: Primary colours Helen Searls

28 Taboos: Smacking law - a walloping bad idea Ann Bradley

30 Peer fear Simon Knight

Culture Wars
32 The hollow men Claire Fox
34 Your guide to joining the new cultural elite Claire Fox
34 Culture vultures Mark Ryan
35 LM at the Bath Literature Festival
36 In a 'Tis about literature Irene Miller

37 Second Opinion: Screen test Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

38 Jobs for lifestyles Jennie Bristow

41 Ireland - no Plan B Brendan O'Neill

42 The Mars Society: spaced out? Dr Robert Zubrin talks to Helen Searls

43 Reading between the lines: Why a society with more pensioners should not slow us down




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