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Reading between the lines

Old on

David Metz reviews:
  • The Imaginary Time Bomb: Why An Ageing Population Is Not A Social Problem, Phil Mullan, IB Tauris, £24.50 hbk

Community cares

Tessa Mayes reviews:
  • The Limits Of Privacy, Amitai Etzioni, Basic Books, £22.50 hbk


Gerry Feehily reviews:
  • White Teeth, Zadie Smith, Hamish Hamilton, £9.99 hbk

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Toby Marshall reviews:
  • The Creative Age: Knowledge And Skills For The New Economy, Tom Bentley and Kimberley Seltzer, Demos, £9.95 pbk

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Munira Mirza reviews:
  • Disgrace, JM Coetzee, Secker & Warburg, £14.99 hbk

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Brendan O'Neill reviews:
  • Theory Of Flesh, John Binias, Macmillan, £10 pbk

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Joanna Williams reviews:
  • The Love Hexagon, William Sutcliffe, Hamish Hamilton, £9.99 hbk

Reproduced from LM issue 129, April 2000



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