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Issue 128, March 2000

Blairing out?

Despite its toughest month in a thousand days, the striking thing about Blair's government is the level of consensus it has managed to achieve, explains Jennie Bristow

NHS in traction

Lack of money is the least of the health service's problems under New Labour, argues Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

Communication breakdown

Dr Jennifer Cunningham diagnoses the problem with fashionable new 'cures' for autism

Prisons of the mind

Brendan O'Neill would rather be banged up than screwed up by jail therapy


Professor Carl Djerassi, inventor of the contraceptive pill, tells Ellie Lee the story of its controversial history
4 Mick Hume Setting the record straight

6 LM Online

6 Signs of the times

8 NHS in traction Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

10 Autism cures: communication breakdown Dr Jennifer Cunningham

12 Abuse of trust Frank Furedi

14 Prisons of the mind Brendan O'Neill

14 Wot no fear? Kenneth McLaughlin

16 Pill-oried Carl Djerassi talks to Ellie Lee

17 Embryonic developments Juliet Tizzard

18 Genetic engineering: a cautionary tale John Gillott

20 LM Mail

21 Opinion: AIDS - an epidemic of complacency? Ann Bradley

22 Britishness buried alive Andrew Calcutt

22 Geed up over Ali G Ed Barrett

24 Blairing out? Jennie Bristow

26 Inside the Dome Penny Lewis

28 Anti-harassment codes: too close for comfort Sara Hinchliffe

28 Love on the job? Tessa Mayes

30 An Englishwoman in Washington: Government plots Helen Searls

32 Working mums: all or nothing? Ann Furedi

34 Sex education: lessons in life Stuart Waiton

35 Second Opinion: The dangers of deference Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

36 'It has worked at a price' Margaret Forster talks to Jennie Bristow

Culture Wars
38 Painting by politics Mark Ryan
38 Shooting straight Michael Walter
39 Dung ho Aidan Campbell
40 Past tense: the Elgin Marbles Ian Walker
40 Veiled truths Claire Fox
41 Imposing cultural white space Mike Small

42 Vetting the net Chris Evans

43 Reading between the lines: What makes a good children's book - or a principled football manager?




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