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Legal Links

The internet has many resources available to the legal profession and those interested in the law more generally.

A list of legal resources in the UK is available at UK Legal

International Centre for Commercial Law
Recommended law firms and lawyers - plus the latest legal developments

From the UK:

House of Lords judgments are available within two hours on the worldwide Web

Acts of Parliament are published in full as soon as they are passed and the important sections from existing statutes can be accessed

There are over 100 legal journals on the worldwide web including the Modern Law Review and the Law Quarterly Review as well as several electronic journals publishing immediate responses to new legal developments. A comprehensive list of journals with direct links to the sites is available

New legal titles can be found online. Several bookshops and publishers are listed

The Bar Council and the Law Society advise lawyers on a range of issues from legal events, conferences and seminars

Useful links to libel-related sites

Other Interesting cases

One of the most important events in American journalism history occurred in New York in 1735. This was the libel trail of John Peter Zenger, printer of the New York Weekly Journal. The Acquittal of John Peter Zenger - The First, First Report by Steve Goldman

The story of a 1923 libel case between Sir Winston Churchill and Lord Alfred Douglas

A 1996 case from Taiwan involving the US and Taiwan governments

The all-encompassing McLibel site

Search the Dallas News site for details of the Oprah Winfrey case against the cattle farmers

Read two press releases from the American Civil Liberties Union on 'veggie libel':
'Veggie Libel' Laws Are Patently Unconstitutional (22/1/98)
ACLU Joins Food Speak Coalition To Fight "Veggie Libel" Laws (29/4/98)


Todd Woody's interesting but brief article on libel with useful links

Libel Law: Let It Die by Wired journalist Mike Godwin

What Part of "No Law" Don't You Understand? A primer on the First Amendment and the Internet by constitutional scholar and attorney William Bennett Turner

The Tangled Web of Libel Law by Linton Weeks, Washington Post staff writer

Read Libel by Jonathan M. Albano from the The Massachusetts Bar Association, a useful overview of American situation

News, Journals and mailing lists

Media Lawyer provides a bi-monthly memoir on media law events which carries accounts of libel settlements affecting the media and relevant reports in the newspapers, including reports of challenges made by the media against court restrictions.

LegalMinds provides access to public-interest mailing lists on the Web

Up to date legal news at the Law Journal Extra with a section on media law.

A transcript of episode 508 of television series Freedom Speaks on Libel: Punishing the Media

FreeAdvice claims to be the most comprehensive site for legal information with an extensive section on libel law


The Site for Site builders A useful introduction to libel on the net from the site builders advisers with a brief but useful section on Law and the web

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, is a "non-profit organisation dedicated to providing free legal help to reporters and news organisations

The Freedom Forum is a very well funded American free speech association

The American Lawyer Media, is "the nation's largest network of publications and Web sites providing legal news and information"

The Libel Defense Resource Center is a non-profit information clearinghouse set up in 1980 by leading media groups to monitor and promote First Amendment rights in the libel, privacy, and related fields of law.

The PEN American Center is a membership association of poets, playwrights, essayists, editors, and novelists (hence the acronym)

Universities and Libraries

As part of its Computers, Ethics, And Social Responsibility Course Stanford University has a useful resource on defamation and the internet which includes a section on the UK

Look also at The Freedom Forum's Newseum


Excellent search engine from FindLaw

This doesn't look much but has information about every American court ruling on libel law

Search the New York University Law Library

Search the Freedom Forum site for libel links

Search Webcrawler for libel links

Search on newsgroups


Information about law books and courses from the Practising Law Institute, a non-profit continuing legal education organisation

Excerpts from the libel chapter of Winning with the News Media by Clarence Jones

Search for all the general legal and libel-related books you need

Lawyers Firms

An extensive resource from lawyer David Potts

Sahota, a specialist UK libel practice

The American lawyer firm Satterlee, Stephens, Burke & Burke has a section on Digital Defamation

Please suggest any links you think would be of interest to viewers

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