How you can help

How you can help

You've read the articles, seen the evidence and made up your own mind - now it's your chance to take this important free speech battle further...

In this section we have a discussion area where you can initiate and join in debates; submit press coverage you've seen and browse through related links. You can also have a go at the (just for fun) libel quiz.

In Off The Fence you can find details of the fundraising initiatives, sign the appeal in defence of free speech, read messages of support and have the opportunity to send one of your own.

Libel law is financially draining. In order to put up a defence against this attack by ITN we need your help. The Off the Fence Fund has been set up to assist in fighting the libel case. Please send a cheque to:

c/o LM,
Signet House,
49-51 Farringdon Road,
London EC1M 3JB

Can you help? Tell us how

We are interested to hear any good ideas about how to raise money for the libel case and how to raise the profile of the case. If you can raise money, mail us now. If you would be willing to help publicise the case, or know anybody else who would, let us know ...

Details Please tell us how you can help the Off the Fence Fund, giving as much detail as possible