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Issue 53, March 1993


As transatlantic rows break out over everything from the war in Bosnia to trade in oil seed, this issue of Living Marxism focuses on relations between the USA and the EC.

We highlight the likely points of future conflict, examine changing European perceptions of America, and look at some developments over there which are influencing political debate over here - like the resurrection of Malcolm X, the rise of PC, and the retreat of the 'pro-life' lobby. We welcome other views on these issues, especially from our growing band of American readers - to whom we feel no animosity whatsoever.

Cover photo: The severed heads of three Serbs (identified as Blagoje Blagojevic, Nenad Petkovic and Brana Djuric) beheaded by Muslim fighters. This picture was seized from Saudi Arabian soldiers captured near Teslic in Bosnia. It is part of an exhibition of war photography banned from Britain under Western sanctions against Serbia. For the full story and more pictures, turn to page 19.
4 Editorial

6 Letters

8 USA v EC Helen Simons

12 Europe looks for America Alan Harding

15 Ann Bradley

16 What does the West want in Bosnia?Rob Knight

18 Horsing around Andrew Calcutt

19 The pictures they don't want you to see

31 France: is the king dead? Richard Christiansen

32 The PC presidency James Heartfield

34 Abortion in the USA Nancy Morton

36 The Fettesgate affair Kirk Williams

37 Toby Banks

38 Living: 41 Frank Cottrell-Boyce on TV

43 The Marxist Review of Books



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