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Issue 41, March 1992

'I slept with Major and Kinnock'

In fact we all did. Who could avoid nodding off while trying to follow their dull pre- election campaigns, and the accompanying stories about the boring little sex lives of boring politicians?

At a time when, East and West, the world is changing so fast, British electoral politics remain an insomniac's dream. The parties should count themselves lucky if enough voters get out of bed to give any of them a majority.

The one place where the election campaign will be worth following is in the pages of Living Marxism. We are less interested in discussing what the politicians do to whom in private than in exposing how they are doing the same thing to the public. If you want to break out of the grey and stay awake until polling day, don't miss April's Living Marxism election special - in your newsagents on 26 March.

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