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Issue 42, April 1992

How to get more out of your Living Marxism

Had enough of the charade of parliamentary politics? Want to find out more about the revolutionary Marxist alternative?

The best way to gain a better insight is to join a local Living Marxism readers' group, and get together with others in your area to discuss the ideas in each month's issue.

Living Marxism readers' groups have now been set up in many parts of Britain. If you would like more information about groups in your area, get in touch with us and we can put you in touch with them.

This month Living Marxism goes Stateside
--welcome to our American readers--

4 Editorial: Is this it?

6 Letters

8 Abortion in Ireland and Britain Ann Bradley

10 Invasion of the third world fanatics Frank Richards

13 Ann Bradley

14 The ANC: blinded by the white right Charles Longford

17-32 Election Special - The decay of British democracy

34 Return of the Gestapo Rob Knight

36 Brittan's best? Jon Fryer

37 Toby Banks

38 Living: 41 Frank Cottrell-Boyce on TV

43 The Marxist Review of Books



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