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Signs of the times

'It was the greatest time of my life. We were so idealistic and we thought we could change the world. I feel so sorry for young people today. Their world is so flat and they have no dreams'
Victor Alba, former Spanish republican, talking to Michael Portillo about the Spanish Civil War. Portillo found this remark 'astonishing'

'You want to read him about jazz, you want to read him about food, you want to read him about the extraordinarily complicated cosmopolitan popular cultures that we're all participating in'
Beatrix Campbell speculating on Karl Marx's potential as a newspaper columnist. That puts Das Kapital in its place

'She agreed to oral sex'
Chris Eubank defends Tyson live on Sky Sports' coverage from Manchester. 'We dissociate Sky and Sky Box Office from those comments. That was a personal opinion', said anchorman Paul Dempsey, seconds later. Eubank mysteriously disappeared from the studio soon afterwards

'It's fucking freezing!'
Former Manchester United footballer Micky Thomas, commentating for BBC Wales.
'I didn't know we were on air', he explained later

Reproduced from LM issue 128, March 2000



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