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Issue 126, December 1999/January 2000

Why Auschwitz has become the symbol of the century

The Holocaust is the icon of the new therapeutic history, argues Frank Furedi

Neither God nor man

Mark Ryan on how the churches are being brought down to Earth

Impoverished politics

Michael Fitzpatrick examines how New Labour has redefined the meaning of poverty and equality

Narcissus' empire

In the 1990s, wars were not fought for oil - or any other financial interest, explains Linda Ryan. This is what made them so dangerous
4 Mick Hume: It is the best of times to be alive. Ever

6 LM Online

6 Signs of the times

8 Taboos: Ireland: 'the child abuse capital of the world' Brendan O'Neill

10 Neither God nor man Mark Ryan

12 'I don't believe in that God' The bishop of Edinburgh talks to James Panton

12 Vatican on its knees Dominic Standish

13 List mania Alan Hudson

14 LM debate: is foxhunting a bloody outrage? Sally Millard

16 LM Mail

17 Opinion: Shall I be mother? Ann Bradley

18 Impoverished politics Michael Fitzpatrick

20 Slasher chic Jennie Bristow

24 Holocaust - symbol of the century? Frank Furedi

28 The decade of humanitarian intervention Linda Ryan

31 Kosovo: who buried the evidence? Mick Hume

Culture Wars

32 Are you who you write? Tim Parks talks to Claire Fox
34 Renaissance, man Alan Hudson
35 Silent Shakespeare Sandy Starr

36 Strictly for the birds Tony Gilland

37 Leap-frogging over science Bill Durodié

39 Second Opinion: A great leap forward Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

40 Sex crimes in America Tessa Mayes

41 An Englishwoman in Washington: The hate debate Helen Searls

42 Smoking students out Martin Ball

43 Reading between the lines: The case for intellectual snobbery; and John Major's autobiography: a riveting read

This is a double issue - back in February. Happy holidays!




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