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Issue 125, November 1999

Wolf in sheep's clothing

Ever hit your dog? If so, you could find yourself being investigated on suspicion of child abuse and domestic violence. Brendan O'Neill reports

Safe but sorry

Timandra Harkness on why the sparks have stopped flying at the famous Lewes bonfire

'Cultural democracy' my eye

The weasel language of the new cultural elite is anti-egalitarian, contemptuous and manipulative, says Mark Ryan

'What is so Scottish about that?'

Claire Fox discussed the dangers of a Scottish cultural policy with novelist AL Kennedy, playwright David Greig and poet Don Patterson

Married strife

Jennie Bristow wonders why making a long-term commitment seems so hard to do
4 Mick Hume: One party state? Don't talk libertarian nonsense

6 LM Online

6 Signs of the times

8 RSPCA: wolf in sheep's clothing Brendan O'Neill

10 Taboos: Abortion is a fact of life Ann Furedi

12 Republicans shun the A-word David Nolan

13 Mama, we're all guilty now Patrick West

15 Lewes bonfire: safe but sorry Timandra Harkness

Culture Wars

16 'Cultural democracy' my eye Mark Ryan
18 'What is so Scottish about that?' Claire Fox
19 Cool Caledonia Chris Gilligan
20 Through Irish eyes Sandy Starr
21 The compelling horror of anti-panto Sandra Lawrence

22 LM Mail

23 Opinion: Hot under the collar Ann Bradley

24 Married strife Jennie Bristow

27 PACS Franca Agnès Eden

28 No sex addiction please, we're British Tessa Mayes

30 Preaching to papa Sara Hinchliffe

31 Training in distrust Tiffany Jenkins

32 Who's new in Labour? James Heartfield

35 An Englishwoman in Washington: Politicians without politics Helen Searls

36 For Greenpeace, charity ends at home Roger Bate

36 Bringing the millennium down to earth James Firth

38 Gulf War syndrome: scaring our veterans sick Howard Fienberg

39 Painting by morals Alex Cameron

40 Rock off about climbing Sheona York

41 Second Opinion: Sex in the surgery Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

42 History lessons Professor Chris Wrigley

43 Reading between the lines: Irish heroes ha ha ha, women's poetry, and America's adventures in Somalia

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