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Issue 122, July/August 1999

Chill out for the summer

The dangers of 'safe sun'

Are sunbathers really at risk of skin cancer? Or is it more that public health zealots try to turn anything pleasurable into a source of anxiety and fear? Dr Michael Fitzpatrick and Bríd Hehir throw some light on the subject

Broader horizons, wider minds

What's wrong with 'risky' foreign travel? asks Lyn Hughes, editor of Wanderlust magazine

A bit of rough in Tunisia and Greece

Timandra Harkness, Rose Landthaller and Rachel Holdsworth on 'holiday harassment'

The limits of 'sober' drinking

Brendan O'Neill on the bad pub guide, and Beverley Success-Brooks on 'Cheers without tears'

Playing out our fears

Let children enjoy the great outdoors, says Kate Moorcock, and tell the panic-mongers to go play in the traffic

Fear of flyers

Private pilot David Thomas wishes light aircraft could spread their wings this summer

Plane insane

Why is everybody obsessed with 'air rage'? ask Brendon Craigie and Tessa Mayes

Hotting up

Discussions about global warming seem to be based on everything but science, explains Peter Sammonds

That sinking feeling

...is what Dominic Standish gets, watching the reluctance of environmentalists to save Venice from the seas
4 Mick Hume: A case of domestic vioence in Kosovo

6 LM Online

8 Opinion: Penalising baby-fathers Ann Bradley

10 Chill out for the summer

16 Signs of the times

22 LM Mail

24 When TINA met Tony Frank Furedi

28 Sinéad O'Connor: Mother Inferior Andrew Calcutt

29 Second Opinion: The methadone police Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

30 Male suicide: worrying us to death Brendan O'Neill and Fenno Outen

31 Assisted suicide: staying alive Kevin Young

32 We're all crazy now Kenneth Mc Laughlin

33 An Englishwoman in Washington: Jocks and outcasts Helen Searls

34 Taboos: Young sex - an old story Ann Bradley

Culture Wars

36 Put art back in its proper place Mark Ryan

36 Art matters John Tusa talks to Mark Ryan

38 Creative tensions in Brick Lane Alan Miller

39 Fringe benefits in Belfast? Pauline Hadaway

40 All's not well with Shakespeare John Adler

40 Women's fiction: piddling the books Jennie Bristow

42 Museums: don't touch the exhibits Claire Fox

43 Reading between the lines The ticklish subject, Bridget McBeal, and memoirs of an anti-politician

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