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Issue 121, June 1999

Age concern

Heard the one about the 'ageing crisis'? It's the old story, says Phil Mullan

Don't sack Chris Woodhead over sex, say sixth formers

LM's survey of 100 sixth formers reveals mixed feelings over sexual relationships between teachers and students. Jennie Bristow reports

Royals without royalty

What's the point of Edward and Sophie? asks Brendan O'Neill

A traditional modernist

Charles Rosen talked to Mark Ryan about innovation, Beethoven and the Marquis de Sade

'We are in the process of destroying an entire nation'

Felicity Arbuthnot reports from Iraq on what it really means to 'degrade' a country

Culture vultures

The government's one big idea about business is 'the knowledge-driven economy' - and it's a duff one, argues James Heartfield
4 Mick Hume: If the Kosovo crisis didn't exist, Blair would have to invent it

6 LM Online

8 Don't sack Chris Woodhead over sex, say sixth formers Jennie Bristow

10 Age concern Phil Mullan

13 Opinion: Boys and their toys Ann Bradley

14 Sophie and Edward: royals without royalty Brendan O'Neill

15 A sense of proportion about Jill Dando Anthony O'Hear

17 Taboos: Smacking parents James Heartfield

18 LM Mail

Culture Wars
20 A traditional modernist Charles Rosen talks to Mark Ryan
22 Are we allowed to be unhappy? Antony Easthope

24 Kosovo: the LM debate

26 NATO in denial? Mick Hume

27 Spinning the war Tim Gopsill

28 Sanctions in Iraq: the human cost Felicity Arbuthnot

28 Bombshell hits Dundee Dolan Cummings

30 Right off Bruno Waterfield

32 Depressed capitalists Phil Mullan

34 Fundamental fears Marie Hodge, John Hamilton and James Malone

36 Culture Vultures James Heartfield

37 Signs of the times

38 The left in love with disaster Doug Henwood

39 An Englishwoman in Washington: The American nightmare Helen Searls

40 Bedside manners Dr Thurstan Brewin

40 Nursing doctors Liz Frayn

41 Second Opinion: The problem of racist patients Dr Michael Fitzpatrick

42 LM Classified

43 Reading between the lines The stories of Rwanda and the great panjandrum of Bosnia

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