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March 1997

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[Private Eye - 21 March 1997]


Pulp fiction


Your rather lowlife and entirely inaccurate attack on LM magazine (21 Feb) forgot to mention the little detail of ITN's unprecedented attempt to gag the press, in response to our story about their award-winning pictures of Bosnian camp.

ITN have demanded that we pulp every copy of February's issue of LM, issued us with libel writs, and threatened legal action against anybody else who dares to touch Thomas Deichmann's story "The Picture that Fooled the World". As a result, a story which has been debated in respected papers across Europe has been blockaded in the one country where it ought to cause a scandal.

I don't know which is the more depressing: the assault on press freedom by a media giant like ITN, or the spectacle of PRIVATE EYE apparently supporting a mega-corporation's use of the libel laws to buy immunity from criticism through the courts.

Your many readers who do still take a principled stand against Britain's censorship-for-hire libel laws might like to send donations to the LM libel appeal, the Off The Fence Fund, at BM Off The Fence, London WC1N 3XX.

Yours faithfully

Mick Hume

Editor Living Marxism


Well Red


How predictable was George Napier's letter denouncing your coverage of a LIVING MARXISM article. Doesn't PRIVATE EYE know by now that LIVING MARXISM is the only authority on Bosnia in the country?

The Serbian regime must have saved itself a fortune in fees for PR consultants by slinging a few quid to a bunch of middle class communists to produce a glossy magazine full or propaganda for them. Or should I call them communists? Maybe for an organisation that in a few short years has gone from being the Revolutionary Communist Party to LIVING MARXISM magazine and now simply LM, that is not appropriate. But then surely members of the RCP aren't ashamed to say who they really are, eh George Napier?



London SE23

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