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April 1997

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[PR Week - 25 April 1997]

ITN wins victory over Two Ten in High Court - by Jemimah Bailey

Two Ten Communications apologised to ITN in the High Court last week over allegations in a press release which it distributed for the magazine Living Marxism. It also agreed to pay the legal costs of ITN and journalists Penny Marshall and Ian Williams.

The solicitor for the PR news service told the court that the company wanted to apologise for the 'distress and damage caused by the allegations of deceit and concealment made in Living Marxism's press release in which it accepts are untrue and without foundation'. Later Paul McFarland, MD of Two Ten, said that releases put out on the UNS Newswire are normally checked 'not just for our own sake but as a service to our PR clients many of whom rely on our editorial skills to improve their copy'.

'The Defamation Act offers some protection to innocent distributors, and had we simply mailed or faxed the release in Living Marxism's name we believe we would have been safe,' said McFarland.

ITN is also suing Living Marxism, which called into question ITN's coverage of the Bosnian conflict in an article in its February issue.

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