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April 1997

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Dear Sir,

Ed Vulliamy has taken up a lot of space in The Observer recently, in order to accuse German journalist Thomas Deichmann and Living Marxism magazine of 'revisionism' and 'rewriting history'. What he means is that we disagree with his version of events.

Does Ed Vulliamy now claim a monopoly on Bosnia's history? The notion that journalistic reports should be taken as matters of historical record seems highly dubious. After all, since 1992, Vulliamy himself has given at least five different eye-witness accounts of what he saw at Trnopolje camp. Which one is the definitive history?

An intelligent paper like The Observer should surely be able to see that it is not 'Holocaust denial' for us to insist that there is a difference between a camp like Trnopolje, however grim, and a real concentration camp like Auschwitz or Belsen. Those who try to equate the two really do run the risk of rewriting history, by trivialising the Nazi genocide against the Jews.

Yours faithfully,

Mick Hume



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