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[LM Letter to the Times 18 April 1997]


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Friday 18 April 1997

For Publication

Dear Sir,

The decision by Two-Ten Communications to apologise to ITN (18.4.97) has no bearing on the issues at stake in LM's own libel battle with ITN over Thomas Deichmann's story, "The Picture That Fooled the World", published in our February issue.

Two-Ten is a commercial distributor of press releases which, as its own solicitor's courtroom statement makes clear, 'does not make any comment or judgement on the content of such press releases'. Judgement as to who is telling the truth about ITN's award-winning reports from Trnopolje camp will have to wait until all the evidence is finally made public.

We have that evidence. We know we are right. We stand by our story.

Yours faithfully,


Mick Hume



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