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April 1997

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[LM Letter to the Guardian 18 April 1997]


27 Old Gloucester Street

London, WC1N 3XX

The Editor, The Guardian

0171 837 4530

Friday 18 April 1997

For Publication

Dear Sir,

In your report of Two-Ten Communications' High Court apology to ITN over the distribution of a Living Marxism press release (18 April), you claim that LM had 'alleged that there was no barbed wire' at Trnopolje camp in Bosnia. Not so. In fact what Thomas Deichmann's article "The Picture That Fooled the World' (and the press release advertising it) said was that there was no barbed wire fence surrounding the camp or encircling Fikret Alic and the other Bosnian Muslims featured in ITN's award-winning reports.

The one interesting thing about the Two-Ten court hearing was that ITN and its journalists were forced to admit, for the first time, that LM was right about that key fact. There will be many more interesting revelations before our own libel battle with ITN is concluded.

We stand by our story.

Watch this space.

Yours faithfully,


Mick Hume



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