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[ITN - 17 April 1997]


ITN is happy to accept the apology from Two-Ten Communications to ITN correspondents Penny Marshall and Ian Williams and to ITN made in Open Court on Thursday, 17 April.

The apology is for Two-Ten's distribution on its UNS service on 23 January 1997 of a press release for Living Marxism magazine which contained totally untrue allegations against ITN, Penny Marshall and Ian Williams about their award-winning reports on the Trnopolje and Omarska camps in northern Bosnia.

ITN welcomes the fact that Two-Ten Communications, a reputable news agency wholly owned by the Press Association, accepts that the untrue allegations contained in the press release were defamatory of ITN and its correspondents.

As a media organisation, ITN and its correspondents have taken legal action against Living Marxism's libels with reluctance. We and our journalists are proud of our reputation for fairness and accuracy, and Living Marxism's untrue allegations were too serious to be allowed to go unchallenged.

For further information call the ITN Press Office

(0171) 430 4700 or (0171) 833 3000

200 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1X 8XZ. Ref 39/97

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