Workplace Bullying Tips and Tricks

This article is about identifying those people in the workplace that make it a sport to bully others. They crop up now and then, we’ve all seen them. They start off really well, friendly with everyone, impressing all the staff, and then when they are comfortably in place and have passed their first review, the problems start.

They start putting others down, pointing out flaws, criticising others unfairly, and passing on work to others, having sick leave, and more.

But that’s only one type of workplace bullying.

Sexual Harassment and Gender Issues

Work place bullying can also extend to inter-gender issues. Throughout the second half of the 20th century, women have been taking up jobs in companies all over Australia. At the same time, there were many men already working in companies who were engendered in older ways before the equality of women was established.

There are still places where there is sexual harassment and this is perpetrated by both male and female staff on others. Work place bullying training seeks to show staff members how this takes place and also to give them practical tips and tricks to prevent or identify this as quickly as possible.

Sexual harassment can come in many forms and it is incorrect to assume that some of the common stereotypes are the only ways that it can take place. The truth is that any kind of power play that uses stereotypical gender roles to coerce another employee into something can be a form of sexual harassment. What complicates the matter is that people who go into workplaces are at very different levels of maturity and it can be easy for those who are so self-interest focused to use less assertive staff members as delegates for their own work.

This is often considered a form of work place bullying as well and should be prevented as much as possible.

What Are the Costs?

There are many costs associated with workplace bullying. The majority of staff will leave a job during their working life because of work place bullying and the cost for Australian businesses has been calculated to be around $13 billion per annum.

But ultimately, the biggest cost to the company when it comes to bullying in the workplace is the destruction of the brand image. If word gets out that there is bullying at the company (as it does often in the media) then this can be devastating for sales. This is why it is ultimately recommended by experts that bullying be dealt with by the senior management and the Board of Directors.

Implementing the Protocols

The cost of bullying in the work place is affordable and fits well into most budgets designated for health and safety. A company owner will be able to choose from a range of services as well as custom-made solutions based on a Gap Analysis and a bully-proof audit. Regardless of the needs of your business, an agency that specialises in cyber-bullying and workplace culture can help your organisation grow.

Complex Consultancy Services is an Australian provider of online services tailored for businesses who want to make sure their company is bully-proof. The company offers a host of information to help those who are struggling with bullies in the workplace.

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