What Kind of Industrial Equipment is Safe to Buy Online?

It wasn’t that long ago that the idea of purchasing a bulldozer, generator or other pieces of heavy industrial equipment online seemed like a pretty far-fetched, and sketchy, proposition.

After all, who would every shell out thousands of dollars for mission critical gear from a vendor who operates off a website, rather than a traditional showroom and storefront? The answer to that question is, “anyone who wants to save tons of cash, but isn’t afraid to do a little homework.

If you’re willing to put in the time, there are plenty of heavy equipment and industrial supply houses that operate online and are more than trustworthy. The challenge for business owners is sniffing these quality vendors out while avoiding the, much smaller, group of sites that dead set on ripping you off.
This process can be a little time consuming at first, but can save your business big bucks over the long haul. Here are a few tips for determining when is the right time for buying heavy industrial equipment online.
Deep Investigations
When you start digging deep into your web research you might be surprised to find out how many online retailers are selling forklifts, safety equipment and belt conveyor products.
We strongly suggest looking at as many of them as you can in the early stages of your research so that you have an idea of what’s really out there. Keep a record of their web addresses, phone contacts (if they’ve even got them) and your first impressions on a spreadsheet.
This method allows you to familiarize yourself with your entire range of options while getting a feel for which companies you think are worth doing business with.
Be sure to hang this document and update it regularly as you become more familiar with the digital terrain.
Factory Certified Used
There are some instances where you might not find a lot of resellers or distributors who seem like they offer a quality product. When this happens, you might still be able to get a good deal online by purchasing directly from the manufacturer.
Many industrial vendors offer factory certified used items that are practically in as good of shape as their brand-new counterparts. Even better, factory certified used products almost always undergo some pretty rigorous testing before heading out to a customer.
Start Small
Once you’ve found a vendor you think you’ll be comfortable working with, you’ll want to start small. Don’t order a Caterpillar backhoe or Cambelt International conveyor belt right off the bat. Try ordering something a lot smaller like some replacement parts or accessories to see how they do.
If the company does a good job with your smaller order, slowly start ramping things up with progressively bigger orders. So long as they continue delivering the goods, you should be in good shape to work them for an extended period.
Online heavy industrial equipment purchasing has its limits and that far edge is going to be different for every company. While you might not be comfortable purchasing a fork lift online, you may find that purchasing power tools and smaller items is perfectly all right. Once you figure out the limits, you’ll be set up for saving big bucks.

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