We Know You’ve Got Her Phone Number: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Propose On Phone

shutterstock_114316354.downloadStatistics have shown that approximately 6% of the men do propose over the phone. Is it because you have the phone number at your disposal? There are ubiquitous reasons why some men prefer to propose over the phone. However, only a few of these will hold any weight when subject to discussion. Proposing to a lady using her phone number is a lame move, one which is bound to attract considerable scrutiny in the aftermath.

The fact that you have her phone number does not justify the concept at all. How is it reasonable for a conceding and well-adjusted adult to propose marriage over the phone? According to Marriage Proposal Etiquette, there are diverse methods to propose but the use of phone numbers is not included. While the usage of mobile devices and communications has increased tremendously, there are certain areas where they are not supposed to be used at all.

Proposing to the love of your life is an exceptional, emotional and exciting moment. It’s a moment to cherish for the rest of your life as a couple and one to recount over and over. This serves as a greater reason to make it special and unique. With these in mind, though you have her phone number, there are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t propose on phone.

1) Your lover cannot see the love in your eyes- One of the fact that pushes individuals to propose over the phone is the shyness associated with the act. More so, most individuals tend to be scared and fearful of rejection that proposing in person is daunting. However, gaining the courage to rise above these obvious challenges is definitive and a reflection of love that individuals have. The act of proposing involves opening and speaking your heart out to your loved one. This not only makes the occasion spectacular but a memory filled one.

2) Your lover cannot read the feelings written across your face- Using a phone to propose makes the process very simple and less complicated and chances of rejection are quite high. It requires you to have the phone number of your fiancée, dial it up and break the good news to her. This way, she or he won’t be able to read the feeling written over your face. In addition, you also cannot tell what her feelings are about the same.

3) No excitement associated with your touch- Conventionally, proposing has been done through myriad ways all of which are romantic, engaging and totally mind-blowing, proposing g over the phone on the other hand lacks all the above qualities and is likely to frighten your fiancée rather than excite them.

4) Insincerity- You are likely to come out as rather insincere if you propose over the phone. When she gave you her phone number, it was not intended that you should use it to propose for marriage. To make sure that you are taken more seriously, it is vital to avoid such moves.

5) You are likely to be taken as joker- There are instances where proposing over the phone are acceptable. For example: among lovers in a long distance relationship. However, if you are just a few miles apart, you are better off taking the journey if you are to be

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