Top Five Honda Bikes For 2014

Motorbikes are one of the most sought-after modes of transportation when it comes to two-wheelers in India, especially for young men. Bikes offer a glamorous edge to a man’s personality in addition to serving as a very handy mode of transport. However, people opting to buy motorbikes will always keep in mind the efficiency of the bike’s engine and the mileage. Going by the sales statistics of second hand bikes in Pune, the most popular brand of Indian Bikes right now is Honda. In addition to offering a staggering range of motorbikes to choose from, the thing that makes Honda the most recommendable brand of bikes is the value of money the offer. By and large, very few models from other companies offer the kind of quality and service offered by Honda for a given sum of money. For those looking to buy themselves a bike this New Year, here is a list of the top five models of 2014.

    Honda Dream Yuga

The engine of the bike is 110cc self-start, it comes with a fuel tank of eight litres, and the mileage declared officially by the company is 70 kilometres per litre. The bike is evidently targeted at people to whom price is a factor in the purchase of bikes. It is modestly priced at just around fifty two thousand rupees. The bike comes in a host of different colours and is one of the bikes from Honda that offer the greatest value for money. This is the only reason this model made the top five list with almost no distinguishing features.

  Honda Shine

The Honda Shine has been recently launched and has gained immediate popularity among bikers. One reason behind its success would be its splendid looks, with the exciting colours the bike comes in, and the ergo-tech designer seats with both hydraulic and spring shock absorber systems installed. The engine of the bike is 124.7 cc, and the official mileage is 65 kilometres per litre. the bike has a massive fuel tank of 10.5 litre capacity.

   Honda Unicorn

A relatively old model from Honda, it is nonetheless still going strong as a very popular bike. The bike was first launched in 2005 and has undergone a few unimportant upgrades over the years. The engine of the bike is a dazzling 150cc and it has an impressive mileage of 60 kilometres per litre. Partly responsible for the low mileage would be the powerful engine and the massive 13 litre fuel tank. Priced at seventy grand, the bike is undoubtedly one of the best offered by Honda in the past decade.

    Honda CB Dazzler

Again, the engine is 150cc with self-start, the mileage estimated by the company is 55 kilometres per litre. While the mileage might look less impressive than many other bikes manufactured by Honda, it is important to note that a more powerful engine typically decreases the mileage because of the extra petrol consumed. The fuel tank is twelve litres.

   Honda CB Trigger DLX

This bike is put at the top of the list because of a perfect balance of engine power and fuel efficiency. The bike has a 150cc engine with self-start and a thirteen litre fuel tank, but still manages a mileage of 65 kilometres per hour. This extraordinary design along with the bike’s overall charm and looks makes it second to none.

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