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Take Music With YouLet us introduce you to a great network service to convert YouTube video files into mp3 format, called flv2mp3 Online Converter. Program directly converts videos from YouTube to MP3 file on your home Computer, Laptop, Tablet computer or Cell Phone.

Why flv2mp3 Converter?
Until now, you’ve probably had some chance to familiarize yourself with the different types of MP3 converters. Many of them provide excellent service and high quality conversion YouTube clips in mp3 format, and that’s a fact. Nevertheless, there is a slight problem. Most of quality converters allow you to download several videos and that’s it. If you want to continue to use them, you have to pay the service.

With flv2mp3 Online Converter, this is not the case. With this high quality service you can convert your YouTube clips in mp3 format, in unlimited amounts. And the best part of all is: this service is completely free!

It’s not necessary to register your account. All you need is Internet connection, of course, and   link addresses (URLs) of your favourite YouTube videos. The whole procedure of conversion is taking place through their servers, where you can download YouTube clips directly and immediately. The software has a very simple interface. Software is designed so that anyone can use it, quickly, easily, wherever he wants and whenever he wants. That means, interface of program is intended for widespread use, and suited to the needs of each user. Anything that involves this program is very plainly, easy to use and clearly. This is what users really want.

Software doesn’t depend on the platform; you can use the Mac, Linux or iPhone. Conversion will be high quality, with zero loss of audio quality. The most interesting in the whole story is that the conversion process is performed directly in memory. During its duration, any bytes are not written to the hard disk. Only when the job is completed, the material from memory is “transcribed” to specified location on the hard disk. Of course, on the part of your hard drive specified by you.

Free Conversion and Download
There is no limit to the number of free conversions and downloads. When you run the program you need to copy the address from YouTube and click Download, and after a few minutes mp3 will be taken from YouTube to your PC, Mac, Linux or iPhone. The whole procedure is taking place with a few simple clicks. When you copy the link address (URL) of the desired video clip, you need to click in the white field and click “paste”. Then, press (click) the button “Convert to MP3”. After that, click the button “Download”, and you will be able to download your YouTube video. After a few minutes, mp3 will be recorded from YouTube right to your computer.

When you insert one link, you can repeat the action for the next desired YouTube video. On this way, you can download multiple videos simultaneously, while you are free during that time. Very useful! Enjoy flv2mp3 Converter and bring your favorite videos with you!

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