Promotional Merchandise Trends for 2014

Promotional merchandise has no limit and a brand name and image can be portrayed in many ways. From clever design, to company names, logos or slogans on promotional confectionary, there really is no stopping the promotional steam train and the potential that it has.

This year so far has seen technology high on the list of trends and it is certainly understandable. We live in a tech world and with phones, tablets and headphones all being exposed to all kinds of people, it is simple to understand how the companies that are involved will look to encourage trend growth by bringing out new products enabling them to expand.

In the UK the drinks industry is massive, whether that is tea bags, coffee or soft drinks and with the summer months heading towards us there is the usual push of drinks that can help quench thirst during those hot summer days and with some brands even offering personalised bottles, the hunt to find your own name on the shelf has begun, which puts a whole new twist on the marketing idea.

With pictures being put on Social media and other such websites, the brand name and idea is out there and based on last year’s figures it is a promotional idea that really works. Along with these soft drinks and good weather, people are now putting in requests for cooler bags and with cooler bags being visual and on display they are great promotional tools. From Picnics to festivals, items like promotional chocolates, sweets and other confectionery can really make a difference when it comes to getting a brand out there and working for the company.

One other item that is bucking a trend is bags that can save space, with duffel bags having the ability to be converted into shelves and hung from doors they can really make a difference. Shopping bags that are re-usable are perfect for promotions. With a lot of time spent in supermarkets the bags can be seen by many people but they are now being adapted so that they become more of a fashion statement than just a shopping bag and this is ending up with them becoming more appealing to a wider market.

Many companies are now pushing their own marketing campaigns with bespoke items. Making them unique, these items can range from toys to branded glasses or mugs. The list is endless but this form of marketing works well for many companies. These trends have to change and develop which means being one step ahead of the competition. To keep up with these trends there are many tools out there that can keep a company focussed on what works and what doesn’t. Social Media is a huge tool and products will often get shared or retweeted which gives a good idea to what works, what doesn’t and what can be changed.



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