Nose Reshaping Trends of the Celebs

Nose Reshaping Trends of the Celebs

With more and more actors and actresses walking down the carpet of plastic surgery, one area of adjustment that is growing in popularity for both male and female stars is nose reshaping.

Up until 2004 the only option was surgery, today a quick fix method, known as the “15 Minute Nose Job” has also broadened the scope of interest, providing an instant fix for Red Carpet events, movie openings and movie screen close ups.

What are the most popular nose reshaping requests of Hollywood? Most celebs won’t admit to getting work done, so experts in the field of plastic surgery study before and after photos. Here are the results:

1: Narrowed Nose Bridge with Thinned Out Tip
2: Narrowed Nose Bridge with a Slight Upturned Tip
3: General Slimming of the Nose Flair

Don’t be surprised if you have not seen an actor on stage or in the movies appear different the next time you see them. The radical changes of breast implants face lifts and Botox lips are obvious, but if you can’t quite put your finger on it, it’s probably a nose job. Happening at the same speed of a payday loan , nose jobs take less time and money!

Here’s the A list of some of the best nose jobs in the industry:

Katie Holmes, Jennifer Aniston, Ashlee Simpson, Scarlet Johansson, Halle Berry, Beyonce Knowles, Winona Ryder, Toni Braxton

Michael Douglas, Barack Obama, Ryan Goslings, Matt Dillon, Ashton Kutcher, Patrick Dempsey, Howard Stern, Tom Cruise, Sting

Are all these nose jobs good for their careers? In the case of W.C. Fields, Barbara Streisand, Jimmy Durante, Samantha Stevens, Owen Wilson, changing the nose could have been or would be career suicide.

A good case in point is Jennifer Grey. Her claim to fame was the supporting role in Dirty Dancing. Nose work done soon after the film, changed her appearance so much; it sent her to the unemployment line.

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