Motor Biking across Europe

What exactly makes for a good motor biking experience? People often say that driving a car is like watching a movie whereas riding a motorbike is like featuring in one. Being open to the elements and without being limited to a metal box, you feel part of the world around you. The feeling of danger and vulnerability only add to heighten the senses. If the route has good roads and visibility, then there is no limit to the thrill and fun you can experience. An epic landscape also adds some element of adventure. While Europe has hundreds of motor biking routes, here is a look at some of the best ones.

The Cat and Fiddle Run, EnglandEurope

• Located in Peak District, this 11 kilometre long stretch is a must visit for many motor biking enthusiasts. However, having been labelled as one of Britain’s most dangerous roads, you need to be extra careful while riding on this famous road. Even though there is a speed restriction, one riding experience will tell you why most riders keep coming back to one of Europe’s finest. With endless corners that get progressively tighter, concentration is key.

The Amalfi Coast Road, Naples – Italy

• Even though it is one of Europe’s most trodden routes, attempting this route in summer can give you a bad experience as the traffic is sometimes unmanageable. However, when the road is clear, you get to experience a motorbike ride like no other. With tens of twists and turns, climbs and dives, you’ll get to understand why this 50km long road is called the road of a thousand climbs.

The Transfagarasan Highway, Romania

• Built in 1970 as an attempt to conquer nature, this 35 kilometre highway runs across Romania’s highest mountains, providing a truly picturesque view. In summer, you get the rare opportunity to ride through snow-covered plateaus before plunging through an unlit tunnel only to come out at the other end to surprising lush green valleys. Snaking it way in fast, sweeping bends, this highway provides a mort biking experience like no other.

Trabzon to Savsat, Turkey

• There is an instant difference once you get to this road from the eastern sides along the coast. The lush tea plantations and the damp air gives way to Eastern Anatolia, where green becomes brown. After a few kilometres’ ride, all becomes green once more and then you get tucked in between lush meadows that are filled with timber chalets and Alpine flowers. Measuring a staggering 300 kilometres, you will feel like you have crossed several continents once you come to the end of your ride.

Furka Pass, Switzerland

• Once you get to this road, you may think that it was exclusively built for motorbikes. The road snakes its way through vertical mountainsides, with several crash barriers erected on both sides. To add an extra spice, bikers have the uppermost section almost to themselves, thanks to a 2,100 meter tunnel that was built in 1982.

There is nothing as thrilling as riding in the open on a motorbike. While Europe has endless options to choose from, the above discussed are some of the best known motor biking routes across Europe. However, you need a driving licence to bike your way across the continent. If you don’t have one, apply for a driving licence application.

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