Medical Examination in Diversity Visa Program

Medical examination falls under the fourth step in green card lottery acquisition procedure. Prior to your interview at the embassy, diversity visa applicants need to fill a medical form (Form I-693) which is part of the process of actual immigration visa application. The main aim behind this step is to ascertain if the applicant meets the required health conditions that will allow him/her to obtain a US permanent resident.

However, this examination cannot be conducted by any doctor in the country in which the applicant lives. Rather, it is required that the physician conducting the medical examination must be in the list of the civil surgeons accredited by the United States Department of States and Citizenship and immigration services.

The civil surgeons in this regard are medical doctors, officially contracted by the United States government to aid the immigration department in carrying out the medical examinations. For these doctors to be enlisted as a civil surgeon, they must be qualified to fit the position after being vetted by the designated authorities. These doctors are tasked to carry out a number of examination tests on applicants.

The tests include:

Determination of mental health, vaccinations, Ascertaining presence of any substance abuse, TB tests, detection of any syphilis or Hansen’s disease, assessment of whether ones’ health condition meets the required terms for permanent residence and any other requirement that may be advised to be conducted by the Centre for Disease Control.

For the above service to be made available for the immigrants, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services has sparked a civil surgeon locator for the interested parties on their website. This is mainly meant to serve the immigrants who are already in the US and are in the process of adjusting their status to that of a permanent resident.

Immigrants who are residents of other countries are required to seek assistance from the consulate or embassy within their reach while applying for their visas; to know where they can find a qualified civil surgeon to ascertain if they meet the medical requirements for an immigration visa. However, the United States Citizenship Immigration Service is not mandated to reign on the fees charged by the civil surgeons while conducting the medical examination and it can vary from one physician to another.

While conducting the real medical examination, the applicant is required to be in a possession of a photo copy of the Form I-693 and a report pertaining the applicant’s Medical Examination and the vaccination record prior to seeking medical exam appointment with a civil surgeon. The green card lottery applicant should only fill the part-1 of the form and should not sign it till the physician instructs them to do so. Thereafter, the civil surgeon is mandated to use the form to file the results of the medical exam.

After this, the designated physician will append his signature on Form I-693 and attach the supporting documents before sealing it in an envelope. The applicant is thereafter required to deliver the sealed envelope to USCIS as per the instructions given on the form.

When the applicant is through with the above procedure, they will mostly be required to patiently wait and to always keep in touch with foreign diplomatic missions during this process; since the examination is not conducted in the United States, but in their countries of residence.

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