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You are the only one here The most recent statement was made about one hour ago.

Jack the Knife: Hey you diry bastards,,, Iam in the mood to raise some hate and discontent

Jack the Knife: Hey, Iam talking to you, you sons of bithces, Iam bored to the bone,

R:E: has anyone here read the Jaroslav Hasek's Good soldier Svejk? it's an excellent book (has a cult status in czech lit) about this czech soldier in the WWI who follows exactly every command given to him, and by doing this, they start to consider him insane, he is an "officialy recognised idiot". it's a great and hilarious picture of the absurdity of military buerocracy, war and patriotism, parody of the then dissolving Austria-hugary monarchy. his is the famous quote "people-don't shoot, people are here!" (sorry for my translation). if you haven't read it, and are in a mood for looong books, try to find it.cheers.

brazilian boy: hi, im from brazil!! where are you from?


portugal girl: hi i'm from lisbon portugal where are you from

Nada: Hi

Zero_Cool: hey is anyone in here???????????????

diesel100: hey zero_cool :)

corinreef: hello

hawk: hi

hawk: is anyone here


Binkie: Hiya, Is anyone there?

Binkie: Yeah,

mel: Hello? Anybody there??

mel: Hello? Anybody there??

CSM: Hello?

Mauri: hello people!

Mauri: nobody here?

Turdus Merulas: In actual fact Binkie, I am a common blackbird and as such, vermin to be shot on sight.

kropotkin: Alas, the bombs continue to rain down on Yugoslavia, and the complacent morally bankrupt Western leaders continue to collect political coin from a tragic situation. They are quick to condemn the criminal actions of Milosevic, but equally quick to deny those of their clients. Humanitarian tragedies on a par with Kosovo are occuring, and have been for some time, in Colombia, Turkey, Sierra Leone, Congo, Tibet, and a host of others. Of course the Clinton-Blair sham has not been revealed in the major Western press, who are themselves owned by giant transnational corporations concerned only with serving the interests of power and privelege. Come on folks lets take a stand. I urge everyone reading this to write(email)their government representative and demand this bombing end, and get back to the negotiating table. The bombings have only made a bad situation "horrendous".

angie: hello anyone here?

angie: hello??

Serbian bakunist: I am very worried about this G8 meeting; it seems that Milosevic is going to flush us down the toillete once again and that occupation of Kosovo is a matter of days.

Binkie: Turdus Turdus, Blackbirds are the best singers in my garden. Anyway, you wouldn't want to shoot yourself would you?

kropotkin: Hello S.B., it seems you may not have to worry about the G8 agreement. NATO apparently is not willing to accept it. They want a NATO force in Kosovo, the agreement calls for an international force, perhaps from the U.N. It seems to me the latter choice may be the best. But, the Americans and Brits are intent on converting the area into a Roman outpost.

Binkie: NATO's prostitute journalists haven't put enough atrocity pictures on the telly yet. None of them have seen fit to risk the 'investigative' news item yet. They're waiting for their bosses' say-so.

Tina: Hi, anyone here want to talk to me.

Tina: Anyone here from Australia who is bored shitless like i am want to talk.

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