How Playground shelters and school canopies offer sun protection

We all know just how much children love to get outside and run around in the fresh air, and it’s important for their health too. Unfortunately, the British weather can often stop play at school break times through rain or snow. However, a playground shelter can allow children the chance to get outside and burn off some steam without fear of being caught in the elements. And these canopies also offer an extra benefit in extreme weather; shelter from the sun!

While it’s great for kids to be out and about in the great outdoors, overexposure to the sunlight can be very damaging to their health, and can potentially increase their risk of developing skin cancer as they get older.

Playground shelters

Playground shelters and shades can help to keep children protected and safe from the sun’s rays by offering a covered area for them to go when it becomes too hot. The shelter provides a shaded area that children are likely to be drawn towards when they sun is shining bright and the temperature is hot.

In some cases, some children may need to be encouraged to take the shade, but this can be beneficial in itself by providing them with reasons as to the benefits of the playground shelter, and educating them on the health benefits of being shaded. They are also more likely to learn that this is a wise idea, and to continue practising good sun safety in future life.

If a playground contains play equipment, these are likely to be popular attractions in all weather conditions, so installing a playground shelter over slides, swings and see-saws can be a good way to ensure that children are shielded from the sun.

School canopies

Similar to playground shelters, school canopies can also offer protection from the sun. The major difference between the two is that school canopies usually extend from a side, and often overhand doors or entrances to the play area.

Whilst school canopies share many benefits with playground shelters in terms of offering sun safety, there are some differences. Chief of these is that while free-standing playground shelters do not cover the entire ground, school canopies reach right over to walls and entrances, and these can be common places for children to congregate. Many children lean against walls in the playground, and a school canopy will provide shade even at these extreme areas, whereas a regular shelter would not. They also provide shade near to entrances as children look to gather at the beginning and ends of breaks.

Other sun safety tips

In order to practice good sun safety, children should be encouraged to wear a sun cream with a high sun protection factor (SPF), and to wear a hat for additional protection. Schools could be prepared by stocking reserves of sun cream and hats for use if the children do not bring their own.

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