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Dying to mouth off about Di-mania? Add your comments to the sanest web site on the net.

Within hours of the tragically glamorous car crash, Tony 'lump in the throat' Blair declared Diana 'the people's princess', an icon never to be defiled. Football matches, TV programmes, advertising campaigns and web sites have since been pulled for fear of offending 'the people'. The rules have been set: defame Diana and be damned.

LM Online devotes this page to subverting the deification of Diana. LM Online, the web site of LM magazine, is renowned for sticking up two fingers to contemporary taboos and it makes no concessions to the stifling sentimentalism surrounding the death of the Princess of Wales.

The castigation of the 'heretics' at the Scottish Football Association for daring to suggest that life goes on, afforded a glimpse of the witch-hunts to come. We can expect the ritual humiliation of individuals accused of blaspheming against the Cult of Diana to become a feature of daily life. In post-Diana Britain, we will see the denouncing of common sense and the forcible extraction of apologies reach new levels.

We hope this page will offer solace to those who find themselves more sickened by the scenes of manipulated grief than by the news of the Princess's death.

    Welcome to:
  • anybody who has not suspended their critical faculties in the midst of the Di-fest
    See The crying game and below
  • anybody who does not appreciate being told by Tony Blair and the like what is and is not appropriate behaviour
  • anybody beginning to feel like the only sane person in a world gone mad
  • people with a sense of humour
    Discuss these issues
    Bye bye to:
  • Guardian readers who 'deplore the tabloid sensationalism but welcome the opportunity for the nation to come together and reflect upon itself - at least she simplified the issue of landmines so that ordinary people could understand it'
  • anybody who thinks a little more love and a lot more hugs are all that is needed to heal the world
  • people without a sense of humour

Contributions to the page can be e-mailed to: webmaster@www.informinc.co.uk

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