Giving Braces Pain The Elbow


Those with severe orthodontic conditions, such as excessive overbite, desiring an alternative braces system, may wish to consider an orthodontic device, such as the Class II corrector. There are a range of orthodontic head-gears available, including the Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance (MARA).

MARA may be recommended by an Orthodontist to those suffering with Temporo-mandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) or malocclusion, bite disorders. Orthodontic devices such as the MARA take some time to get used to wearing. The key benefit is in the appliances adjustability of the elbows for comfort, reduced treatment time and successful bite correction.

TMJ and malocclusion disorders

TMJ and malocclusion disorders often cause the individual to suffer with painful jaw and bite function. The teeth on the upper and lower jaws may not bite together correctly, causing the jaw bone and muscles to strain.

The jaw may be clicky or pain may radiate from the jaw through the face, neck and back. Migraine disorders are sometimes associated with TMJ and bite disorders. Some people with malocclusion and TMJ problems may find it hard to chew food, affecting their nutrition intake.

The aim of orthodontic treatments for TMJ disorders and malocclusion is to correct bite function – how the upper and lower jaws bite together. In doing so, chewing function is improved and pain during oral functions should be relieved. Being treated for malocclusion and jaw disorders helps to reduce pain, correct jaw function and improve overall quality of life. For more information on malocclusion you can check out

Treatment with MARA orthodontic appliance

Individuals with jaw asymmetry or TMJ disorder may wish to be treated with the MARA orthodontic appliance to correct their midline asymmetry. Stainless steel crowns anchor the MARA device to the person’s first permanent molars by means of tubed elbows. The posture of the mandible is controlled through positioning of the MARA appliance’s arms and elbows.

The device’s upper elbows are easily adjusted by the orthodontist or orthodontic technician for the individual’s comfort during wear. The arms extend from the anchored crowns to the buccal area. The orthodontist ensures that the device parts, such as the elbows, are the appropriate size for custom treatment.

The MARA orthodontic appliance may consist of a lower lingual arch, with bilateral or unilateral advancement, including features to modify ligation. The device regulates jaw function, correcting bite disorders by using orthodontic pressure to gently manipulate how the upper and lower jaws work together.

Successful bite disorder correction

Occlusion correctors, such as the MARA device, may take between 15 to 18 months treatment time depending on severity. Individuals suffering with class II malocclusions such as teeth-to-jaw protrusion or incorrect positioning, experience successful results due to compliance effectiveness.

Generally, advice is given to follow a softer food diet without biting onto the elbows while chewing. Although adjustable, the device is not removable other than by an orthodontist that may adjust or remove the elbows to facilitate comfortable function during treatment.

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