Friday 27 February to Sunday 1 March 1998

Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, London SW1

A three-day international festival of talks, debates, screenings and events organised by the ICA and LM magazine in association with Waterstone's.

'I'm not in favour of censorship, but...'

Of course everyone supports free speech in principle, but in practice it seems there is always an exception: privacy laws and the paparazzi; Prodigy lyrics and pictures of Myra Hindley; smoking on the screen and porn on the Net.

Are the calls for restraint and bans an understandable response to a media free-for-all?

Or are the exceptions to free speech becoming the rule? Do words and images have a power that needs to be regulated or is regulation itself the real threat?

These are questions that require the fullest debate possible. The ICA and LM have organised Free Speech Wars as a contribution to such a debate.

Free Speech Wars will explore the boundaries of contemporary taboo from the World Wide Web to the corner shop and ask: how far should free speech go?

Claire Fox, Festival Director LM

Philip Dodd, Director ICA

Helene Guldberg, Festival Coordinator Informinc (LM) Ltd

The views expressed are those of the artists, writers, dramatists, film-makers and organisations concerned and do not necessarily represent those of the ICA.

Programme details are also available now on the official festival website and will be regularly updated.