First Impressions Count; Get Your Business Card Design Right.

bc-stack-florists__largeWhat is a business card? In the 19th century it became popular for ladies in higher societies to have a calling card. When visiting someone the Lady would hand over her calling card to the manservant who then delivered it to the Lady of the house for her consideration. If the card made the right impression the visitor was approved she would then be allowed to enter the house. It’s a scenario identical to the one today where we visit a company and have to hand a card to a receptionist to be taken to our intended client. It was also common for a house to have a tray by the entrance so that visitors, to a party for example, could leave their card as a memento of their visit and once again there are similarities in the way most business people will keep a small folder of other peoples business cards with them. Get into that folder and you know you’re onto a winner!

So even in the early days a calling card had to make the correct first impression. Get it right and you were allowed into desirable social circles. Get it wrong and you would be excluded. It still holds true today with business cards and you have to get that vital first impression absolutely right.

In its simplest form a business card is a quick way of handing over your details to another person and it need contain nothing more than your name and phone number and I remember several years ago when I signed up to the short lived but innovative EasyMobile phone network they actually sent me a pack of 25 cards with my name and number on them. I was impressed at the service but the cards were a bit sparse, although perfectly functional at what they did.

Most business people nowadays attend networking events as they are a great way of getting to meet new potential clients. At these events were are all hoping to meet that one person who can give us the business making deal we are constantly looking for. It may even be the case that more business cards are handed out at these events than in any other way and the cards handed out at these events are probably the most important ones if you give them to the right people. The purpose of the cards handed out at these events serve a different purpose though to the ones you may hand to the receptionist as these cards are a reminder of who you are and not an introduction. You’ve already had the introduction, the job now is to stay at the front of your potential client’s mind.

It is possible nowadays to have business cards printed in small batches, maybe even as few as ten, so that you can tailor your design to suit each situation. It might be that if you were to be visiting the CEO of a major corporation you would go for a formal card with a traditional design. If however you were seeing someone connected with the arts or media a less formal card with a creative design would be more suitable.

A business card should be thought about with the same importance as if you were designing an advertising leaflet, perhaps even more so, and it is possible to incorporate photo’s or graphics into the design which will show what it is you have to offer. Don’t go over the top though, you have a small area to fill and trying too hard will make the card look messy and confused.

Your business card is the way you advertise yourself and by getting the design of your card absolutely right it can say much more about you than just what the words on it have to say.

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