Cosmetic Surgery Verses Wrinkles

Cosmetic Surgery Verses Wrinkles

Women today are bombarded with images and with messages encouraging them to look younger. We’re told aging is a bad thing. Is this really where we are as women in the new millennium? What was the sexual revolution and fighting for women’s rights all about? It wasn’t merely about being able to burn a bra. Wasn’t one of the messages from our “older sisters” that we as women are about much more than our looks?

Its hard to know where to start when you look for information regarding plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery. The most obvious place to start is the internet and use a search engine to find surgeon that not only offer the procedure you want but also in the area your want. Search for as short a search term as you can like plastic surgery West Sussex or Botox treatments Brighton.

Besides, what choice does a woman have? The alternative to not aging is death. We’re in this for the long haul. What about men? How come they are “allowed” to have grey hair and crinkles around their eyes and be considered sexy? There is a double standard going on here.

Of course, some women want to fight the aging process. They don’t want any lines on their faces, saggy boobs, or cellulite on their legs. One can avail themselves to a myriad of plastic surgeries.

Faces can be lifted, wrinkles injected. She can get her breasts lifted and shaped, enlarged or reduced. Liposuction can rid her of belly fat and a droopy bottom. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

What about the risks of surgeries? What are the long-term effects of injections? One important consideration is the cost of all of this effort to erase the signs of aging. Is it really worth the money? Is it worth the physical pain?

Cosmetic surgery is very expensive.

In the United Kingdom, prices for facelifts vary from L4, 200 to L5, 800. Tummy tucks, or Abdominoplasty, as it is medically known, can be as much as L5, 000. One U.K. website recommends patients look abroad for plastic surgery which is much cheaper in countries like Cuba and Brazil. Then you have to wonder about the quality of care. Cuba offers a tummy tuck that is seventy-five percent cheaper than what is practiced in the U.K.

The clincis we specialise in searches for are the in the south of the UK is areas such as Sussex West Sussex and Surrey. See if you can find us today through you favourite serach engine by inputting plastic surgery Surrey.

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