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Medical Examination in Diversity Visa Program

Medical examination falls under the fourth step in green card lottery acquisition procedure. Prior to your interview at the embassy, diversity visa applicants need to fill a medical form (Form I-693) which is part of the process of actual immigration visa application. The main aim behind this step is to ascertain if the applicant meets […]

5 Useful Driving Apps for Android

Driving has never been easier and fun as it is now, thanks to technology. One can reach authority through driving standards contact to know rules and regulations or there are many driving apps meant to ensure that you enjoy driving as well as find your destination with ease. Android has been in the forefront in […]

Travelling With Pets ‒ Tips For Stress Free Travel Experience

Travelling can be stressful, more so if you are embarking the journey with your pet. If you don’t have a passport, remember to make an application for passport a few weeks before the journey while travelling overseas. It would also be a good idea to ask your preferred airline for their policies on transportation of […]

3 Things to Do in Spain

It is never been easy to write only the top three things to do in a particular country; it would be quite difficult if it is one of the Europe’s most charming and exotic nations. Spain is famed for its football clubs (Real Madrid, Barcelona FC named after its two major cities), its bullfighting (sport?), […]