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Amazing tips and top advice for dental hygiene

Dental Hygiene is a crucial part of everyday health. You need to take care of both your gums and teeth – you need all thirty-two of those pearly whites to not only talk and chew well, and of course, make you look good. The mouth itself is directly connected to the health of the heart. […]

3 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Dental Practice Before Retirement

Planning for your retirement after running a successful dental practice for many years poses a great challenge to any dentist. If you’re starting to wind down your professional career and wish to sell your practice in the next two years or so, you should make sure that you end up with the maximum sale price. […]

How Orthodontists Fight Against the Holiday Sweet Takeover


Holidays are pretty sweet — that much is for certain. With friends, family, celebrations and delicious food (not to mention an abundance of holiday cookies), there’s certainly no shortage of sweetness during the holidays. But while a big part of what makes the holiday season so enjoyable is that it’s essentially free reign when it […]

An Overview Of Braces For Teeth

Brief History of Braces It will be difficult if not impossible to believe that dental braces can be traced back to very ancient times and the very first set of braces for teeth was said to have been used long before the time of Jesus Christ. J J Guildford has first published an orthodontics text […]

Giving Braces Pain The Elbow


Those with severe orthodontic conditions, such as excessive overbite, desiring an alternative braces system, may wish to consider an orthodontic device, such as the Class II corrector. There are a range of orthodontic head-gears available, including the Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance (MARA). MARA may be recommended by an Orthodontist to those suffering with Temporo-mandibular Joint […]

3 Questions You Should Ask Your Implant Dentist

              Implant surgery may seem daunting because of the lengthy process involved but due to advances in dental technology, receiving a dental implant is now safer than ever! For those wishing for a permanent tooth restoration, after living with missing teeth for a number of years, a dental implant […]