Can I Repair my Dentures?

Can I Repair my Dentures?

Do not try to repair your dentures yourself. Some of the “do it your self” repair kits is not right for your dentures to fix them. Do not use glue to put your dentures back together. Some glues that is made for plastic, especially volatile solvent (glue for airplanes), it will cause the repair to be distort because it would have melted the glue around the edges. When the dentures are distort then it will be impossible for professionally to fix them. You would then have to get new dentures or have the dentures re based.

You can send your dentures to a lab yourself. Their are some lab that have a web site to
get the instructions on how to send them your dentures for they can repair them. You might have to send the dentures though priority mail. Sending your dentures to a lab sometimes can be less expensive for you. When you send your dentures out do not try to fix them before hand. Just, place all the pieces into the box and as soon as the lab receives the dentures they will be able to fix them.

But there are a couple draw back to sending them our yourself. The first drawback is, you will not have a dentist there when you receive your dentures back to do any type of adjustments, especially if you have sore spots. The other is, sometimes you will not of the option of having your dentures re based or relined.

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