Breast Implants through the Years

Breast Implants through the Years

Vincenz Czerny, also known as the father of cosmetic breast surgery or breast enlargements, was the first physician to try his hand at creating breast implants. In 1895 he moved a benign lump from the patients back to her breast cavity.

Later in the 1800′s another physician tried to create the perfect breasts through injections. This patient was injected with paraffin. This case did not go as the doctor had planned. The patient suffered from infections and had numerous lumps form in her natural breast tissue.

In 1920 another shot at creating the perfect breasts was tried. This time the physician used a method that is referred to as fat transplant. He took the fatty tissue from the patients stomach and buttocks regions and transplanted it into the patients breast area. This technique dissolved away, much like the fat that was injected, by the 1940′s.

The 1950′s the creation of the first breast implants came about. These implants were made from synthetic sponges. The sponges turned out to be a disaster as they shrank and hardened. The women who had the sponges surgically placed quickly developed infections.

Newer techniques in breast augmentation arrived during the 1960′s. Doctors tried injecting silicone directly into the woman s breast tissue. This, like the ones before, did not go well. The patient suffered from infections and inflammation.

In 1961 the very first silicone breast implants were created. They were developed through trial and error over the years. In 1982 they were banned from being used within the United States because of the numerous health risks they posed during that time. It would not be until the year 2006 before the FDA approved the use of silicone breast implants once again.

In 1992 saline implants were created and were quickly approved by the FDA. Saline proved to be a safe fluid that the body could easily digest if the implant were to be damaged.

1995 brought about another type of breast implant created with soybean oil. This filler created more harm than any other type that had been on the market before. The oil was found to go rancid in time and caused women to become deathly ill.

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