Cosmetic Surgery Verses Wrinkles

Women today are bombarded with images and with messages encouraging them to look younger. We’re told aging is a bad thing. Is this really where we are as women in the new millennium? What was the sexual revolution and fighting for women’s rights all about? It wasn’t merely about being able to burn a bra. Wasn’t one of the messages from our “older sisters” that we as women are about much more than our looks?

Taking Care of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can be extremely discomforting, particularly when consuming hot or cold food and beverages, and can be caused by a number of factors.
Women are more prone to develop sensitive teeth than men, although there is often an increase in teeth sensitivity in both genders between the ages of
18 and 20.

Hair Transplant Aftercare

Hair loss can be extremely difficult to go through and for a lot of people they feel the need to do something about it to make them feel younger which
in turns helps them feel full of more life and very vibrant.

Can I Repair my Dentures?

Do not try to repair your dentures yourself. Some of the "do it your self" repair kits is not right for your
dentures to fix them. Do not use glue to put your dentures back together. Some glues that is made for plastic, especially volatile solvent (glue for
airplanes), it will cause the repair to be distort because it would have melted the glue around the edges. When the dentures are distort then it will

Breast Implants through the Years

Vincenz Czerny, also known as the father of cosmetic breast surgery or breast enlargements, was the
first physician to try his hand at creating breast implants. In 1895 he moved a benign lump from the patients back to her breast cavity.

Later in the 1800's another physician tried to create the perfect breasts through injections. This patient was injected with paraffin. This case did

Take care of your teeth!

Some of the best advice I was ever given (by my mother, of course) was to always say please and thank you, keep my ears clean and brush my teeth twice
a day. This is the kind of practical advice that is as valuable as it is simple, and I’ve always treated it like a commandment from the heavens, as if,
so long as my teeth were OK and I was polite, I’d go far.