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Life is often hard for older women, there is a constant battle in our society to stay looking younger for longer, and most of that pressure seems to be on women. According to the LA Times Between 2009-2010 the amount of women receiving face lifts went up “14% to 10,903 performed” And that number is rising every year. So if you are feeling the pressure then do not worry, as there are plenty of surgical and non surgical cosmetic options out there.

Facelifts: This is a surgical procedure that requires local anesthesia combined with a sedative, so that you are awake but unable to feel the procedure, incisions are made so that your skin and the layer of tissue beneath it called the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) can be tightened to lift the cheeks, give the jawline more definition, and firm the neck. The procedure can be performed in a plastic surgeons office or at the hospital. Because of strict guidelines it is unlikely that the NHS will pay for the surgery so have a look at to find a surgeon in your area who can perform the procedure.

Sculptra: A non surgical procedure that stimulates and increases the body’s own collagen production to smooth out lines and wrinkles, restoring volume gradually to give you a fuller younger face. You will require 3 procedures in total at 6 week intervals. Any swelling or bruising that may occur should disappear after the first week. The procedure can be performed at places like or similar establishments across the U.K.

Derma Rollers: With this procedure it can be performed by yourself or by someone trained in the cosmetic beauty industry. The derma roller has hundreds of micro needles on it, that you then roll along your face. This causes your skin to regenerate by producing collagen and elasticin. After a few days your skin should look and feel younger and healthier. You can buy derma rollers online or look head to to find a derma roller expert in your area.

Age does not have to get the better of you, there procedures and treatments out there to make you feel and look younger for longer.

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