An Overview Of The Cabin Chiang Mai Alcohol And Drug Rehab Center

An Overview Of The Cabin Chiang Mai Alcohol And Drug Rehab CenterThe Cabin Chiang Mai is Asia’s most exclusive and respected addiction treatment center. The center is situated in Northern Thailand’s beautiful rolling mountains outside the charming city of Chiang Mai. Anonymity and privacy are absolutely assured at this secluded riverside facility.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation environment

The cabin is located away from the client’s addiction and environment triggers and it is comprised of airy and comfortable teakwood cabins that are set along the majestic Ping River in order to provide the perfect atmosphere for recovery. Their approach comprises of an intelligent, modern, holistic and the physical treatment program which has helped them gain a great reputation among the global medical community. Therefore, clients at this facility hail from various countries, predominantly from the UK, Australia and the expatriate Asian Community.

Program details

The principal treatment approach used in the cabin is CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Theory), a highly personalized approach that is tailored to the needs of the individual. The center also uses the secularized and rationalized 12 step technique in conjunction with a 3 Circle recovery Program that is highly enhanced by exercise and augmented by mindfulness therapy (therapeutic meditation techniques). This advanced drug and alcohol addiction treatment plan has been proven effective across all cultures. The cabin asserts the 3 circles addiction counseling method suits the Asian culture better than the traditional techniques that are commonly employed by most Western rehabilitation centers.

The 3 circles program allows for a less religious approach on traditional methods like the 12 step program whilst retaining the effectiveness of the psychological process. This is quite appropriate, especially amidst cultures that are predominantly Islamic, Confucian, and Buddhist with respect to community and religion attitudes.

Besides treating addictions more comprehensively, the 3 Circles approach can also be conducted in a shorter time frame as compared to the 12 step approach which usually takes 6 months to complete. This is a major step in cost effective treatment especially with traditional alcohol and drug addictions as well as some newer addictions growing across Asia such as food, gambling, and sex. The overall aim is to create a sound body and mind.

Services and amenities

The Cabin Chiang Mai offers high quality treatment, staff, accommodation and other facilities. However, it has also been able to offer affordable services by taking advantage of lower operating costs in Thailand since it is the best-value tourism destination. In simple terms, the Cabin offers world-class recovery programs at prices almost 1/3 of other comparable treatments in most western countries. However, the cabin employs western professionals who are highly qualified.

Besides the benefits of privacy and anonymity, the cabin offers a chance to enjoy excursions in an exclusive adventure destination and a track record of recovery and completion rates and a unique refund policy.

The treatment programs at this drug and alcohol addiction facility are inclusive of all meals, private accommodation, group and individual counseling sessions, massage treatment, weekly excursions, fitness therapy, and aftercare coaching. These programs are essential tools that help create a lifestyle that is both exciting and interesting and conducive to the client’s recovery.

The treatment program at The Cabin Chiang Mai alcohol and drug rehab facility also includes regular one on one sessions, personal training and fitness, massage treatments, group and individual therapy sessions, drama and art therapy, and relapse prevention plans.

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