A Londoner’s guide to America

United States of America – the very utterance of the world’s most powerful nation conjures up images of incredible cauldrons of attractions galore from Mother Nature’s ethereal beauty and bounty in Arizona and Alaska to the awe-inspiring skyscrapers of Chicago and New York, not forgetting the forget the golden beaches and blue seas of Florida and California along with the glittering cities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles beaming in their sprightly nightlife. Such is the magnanimity of the nation that it is perfectly natural to get overwhelmed as a first-time visitor from London as you may feel baffled about where to begin and what to include in your itinerary. While there is no end of things to do in USA, here are some top sites that a Londoner cannot simply miss out on his or her trip to America. 

Madame Tussauds, Washington DC, New York and Las Vegas

Being a Londoner, you ought to check out on this major attraction which has its origin in your very own soil. A branch of the original Madame Tussaud’s of London, the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Washington DC, New York and Las Vegas are relatively new but equally impressive attractions that lure Londoners as well as tourists from other parts of UK and the world to their lap. Get personal and interact with the 44 US Presidents at the Washington DC site, while the one at Las Vegas and New York gives you in-depth insight into what made the dexterous wax sculptor from Spain become the cynosure of attraction in front of the entire world stage. Relive the nostalgic moments of the Napoleonic Wars and French Revolution and enthral yourself with the life-like wax figurines of significant personalities of Europe taken straight from their pioneering creations at the Bakers Street Bazaar of London. Apart from these archetypal figures, you can also get to enjoy intriguing facets unique to each of the cities beautifully and often wittily portrayed through the wax structures.

Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, Alabama

There cannot be a better way to explore America’s true treasures than driving along the country roads set amidst the lush green valleys, picturesque mountains and cascading waterfalls. And one of the must-see attractions for Londoners hitting the roads in America is the Ave Maria Grotto, a beautifully landscaped park nestled on the grounds of the St, Bernard’s Abbey in Cullman, Alabama. While a stroll along the Abbey brings back nostalgic elements of the Mount St. Bernard Abbey located in the stunning town of Leicestershire, England, what lures tourists from all over Europe to this place is the exquisite repertoire of 125 miniature replicas of some of the most sacred edifices found across the globe. The miniatures depict the artistic excellence and acumen of their creator Brother Joseph Zoettl, a Benedictine monk at the Abbey who dedicated as many as 50 years of his life to bring this magnum opus creation to life. Making use of bits and pieces of bricks, marbles, building materials, costume jewellery, tiles and plastic toy animals, the monk recreated wee versions of world marvels including several from the soil of Europe like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, St. Peter’s Basilica along with others. Do not forget to get a glimpse into the mini reproduction of the St. Bernard’s Abbey as well and the attention to intricate detailing that is depicted through the incorporation of the power station where the monk had been working at one point of time shovelling coal.

Las Vegas Ferris wheel

Adventure aficionados from London who have had sent their adrenaline high by braving the giant London Eye Wheel with its 440 foot-tall structure can expect to take their spirit of exhilaration and thrill a notch higher with the new Las Vegas High Roller Ferris Wheel. The structure which is on the verge on its completion and is expected to be open to public soon will present Londoners with a more gargantuan stature than its London Eye counterpart towering at 550 foot and with a diameter of 520 feet. The duration of one rotation of the gigantic Ferris wheel is estimated to be around 30 minutes with provisions for passenger to extol special events within the mammoth size cabins each having a capacity to accommodate 40 people. So if you were contemplating on celebrating your anniversary why not do it on the fly with all your near and dear ones joining in the mirth up the sky with you and your spouse?

What to Eat in America- British Restaurants
Gourmands from London who tend to miss on their native gourmet stuff can pamper their taste buds while on a tour to America as well. Check out the delectable breakfast, lunch and dinner spread from Lion and Rose British Restaurant and Pub in Texas or elate in the zesty British delicacies like chip butties and scallops at A Salt and Battery in New York. The Spotted Pig is the perfect gastronomic joint to drop in the city of New York to treat your tummies with some authentic devils on horseback and rollmops straight acquired from the British roots.

Finally, if you do not wish to get the unpleasant surprise of having to get back home or denied a boarding pass, apply for ESTA or Electronic System for Travel Authorisation online for every member of your family or group, a prerequisite that is an absolute necessity for all travellers from UK taking trips to the United States of America.

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