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If you enjoy reading LM magazine then take the next step and become a Friend of the magazine.

LM is a magazine with a mission - to set a new agenda for debate about everything from politics and culture to sex and sport. In the era of Blair and bland consensus, LM has won a reputation as one of the few voices prepared to against the grain and speak uncomfortable truths.

By becoming a Friend of LM, and agreeing to make a regular financial donation, you can play an important part in helping the magazine to develop into the innovative agenda-setter we all need for the next millennium.

LM is politically independent and survives only though its readership. To keep moving ahead we need to make some major investments in improving the magazine's contents, circulation and clout. In short, we need all the Friends we can get - and in terms of challenging ideas and arguments, we promise you a healthy return on your investment.

As a Friend of LM you will not only be contributing to the creation of a new political agenda. You can also benefit from special offers, including:

  • Discounts on LM events
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Please sign up as a Friend of LM today.

Mick Hume

Please print out and complete this form and post it to:

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