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4 June 1999: 'Kosovo: the price of Blair's victory'
The Kosovo conflict looks like ending in predictable fashion, writes Mick Hume: as a victory for Tony Blair, and a disaster for just about everybody else

16 April 1999: 'New Britain's moral crusade'
The war is a crusade, argues LM editor Mick Hume

9 April 1999: 'Why Blair's humanitarian war is even worse'
Mick Hume looks at how humanitarian intervention can be worse than traditional warfare

1 April 1999: 'Genocide: what's in a word?'
Mick Hume challenges the propaganda war over Kosovo

25 March 1999: 'Blowing up the Kosovo crisis'
Mick Hume on what's behind the bombing of Yugoslavia.

Articles from LM magazine

December 1999/January 2000: 'Who buried the evidence?'
Mick Hume audits the creative accountancy of the Holocaust industry

September 1999: 'The first therapeutic war'
What can Kosovo tell us about conflict and politics today? asks Mick Hume

June 1999: 'If the Kosovo crisis didn't exist, Blair would have to invent it'
The aim of Blair's war is to consolidate a sense of community in Britain and the West, argues LM editor Mick Hume

June 1999: 'NATO and Kosovo - a just war?'
On Tuesday 11 May, LM hosted the first public debate on Kosovo. Tiffany Jenkins summarises the arguments

May 1999: ''Bomber' Blair's crusade'
Mick Hume on the moral crusade

May 1999: 'The lesson of Bosnia'
David Chandler explains why Bosnia is not a good model for Kosovo

May 1998: 'Kosovo: the final act'
The conflict in the Serbian province of Kosovo is the final act of the tragic Yugoslav drama - and exposes the danger of yet more outside intervention, argues Linda Ryan

May 1998: 'How Kosovo became a powder keg'
The militants have raised the stakes by resorting to violence in an attempt to internationalise the conflict and provoke Western intervention to impose a settlement.

Other interesting articles

25 October 1999: 'Missing bodies, or Atrocities management part II', from ZNet
Edward S Herman on how the 'mass graves' turned out to be empty

5 October 1999: 'Amnesty International urges KLA to stop human rights abuses'
Human rights organisation criticises KLA's policing

July 1999: 'Kosovo peace accord', from Zmag
Noam Chomsky takes a critical look at the so-called 'peace' in Kosovo

28 June 1999: 'Left-right bedfellows', from the Nation
Benjamin Schwarz looks at how the Kosovo conflict illustrates the end of left and right

14 June 1999: 'Rolling thunder: the rerun', from the Nation
In this exclusive article, George Kenney reveals how US delegates to Rambouillet purposefully raised the stakes higher than the Serbs could accept

12 June 1999: 'An unequal peace', from the Times (India)
An editorial in the Times of India does not see much to celebrate in the Kosovo peace deal

12 June 1999: 'Peace in the Balkans: while NATO squabbles and the Serbs flee, anarchy fills Kosovo's vacuum', from the Independent
Robert Fisk on an inglorious end to an inglorious war

June 1999: 'Who NATO killed', from Counterpunch
Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St Clair present a list of who died in the Kosovo conflict and how

June 1999: 'Reflections on NATO and Kosovo', from Zmag
Stephen R Shalom gives one of the most thorough anti-war overviews of the Kosovo conflict

June 1999: 'Life in Pristina', from Counterpunch
A revealing interview with Paul Watson of the LA Times, one of the few Western journalists to raise questions about NATO's war

1 June 1999: 'Yugoslavia v the New World Order', from Ether Zone Online
Michael E Kreca on what is really being fought over in Kosovo

31 May 1999: 'Protest the war', from The Nation
A Nation editorial says it's time to do all we can to oppose NATO's bombing

24 May 1999: 'Danger! KLA in the USA', from The New America
William Norman Grigg reveals that the Kosovo Liberation Army is on a
fundraising drive in America

20 May 1999: '"Mistakes" by NATO aggressors result in more than 200 dead civilians', from the Borba Daily
Yugoslavia's Borba Daily reveals the extent of NATO's 'collateral damage'

18 May 1999: 'Air war, ground war, media war: power to manipulate opinion rivalled only by the power of munitions', from Commission Control
New York artists Andy Deck and Joe Dellinger present their eccentric view of the bias of the media over Kosovo

18 May 1999: 'Acts of murder', from The Guardian
John Pilger on the side of the story that never gets told

18 May 1999: 'Opposition to NATO's war lacks verve', from the Madison Capital Times
John Nichols on the need to spice up the anti-war movement

17 May 1999: 'News with a view: when will the media call it war?', from the Minneapolis Star Tribune
Norman Solomon on how the US media has helped to spin the war

17 May 1999: 'In one village, Albanian men are everywhere', from the Los Angeles Times
Paul Watson finds no evidence of genocide in Kosovo

14 May 1999: 'Was a peaceful Kosovo solution rejected by US?', from Zmag
Seth Ackerman on the truth behind the Rambouillet 'peace talks'

12 May 1999: 'Despite NATO rhetoric, rebels may be ultimate beneficiaries of air war', from the Los Angeles Times
Paul Watson on one of the likely outcomes of the Kosovo conflict

8 May 1999: 'To use a war', from Covert Action Quarterly
Diana Johnston ruthlessly criticises US envoy Richard Holbrooke for posing as a peacemaker while demanding that we 'bomb, bomb and bomb again'

May: 'Why Kosovo?', from the American
William Norman Grigg challenges the propaganda war.

April 1999: 'A futile exercise in fantasy', from the Scotsman
Edward Pearce points out the folly of the conflict

30 April 1999: 'From "peacekeeper" to war hawk - Canada and NATO's war on Serbia', from the World Socialist Website
Keith Jones offers a left-wing perspective on the Canadian authorities' increasing taste for war.

26 April 1999: 'Our illegal war', from The New American
Congresswoman Helen Chenoweth takes to task America's unlawful war.

25 April 1999: 'The Hollywood paradigm', from Academy for Peace
Philip Cunningham on a politically correct conflict

24 April 1999: 'Flattening a few broadcasters', from The Guardian
Mark Lawson wonders what the reaction would be if British broadcasting houses were bombed by a foreign power

22 April 1999: 'The fatal flaws underlying NATO's Intervention in Yugoslavia', from the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
Lieutenant General Satish Nambiar (retired) wonders if the West will ever learn lessons from previous wars.

15 April 1999: 'Bahus war diary', from Yurope News
Quotes from newspapers and journals around the world

10 April 1999: 'A war of words', from The Guardian
'Forty reasons why the Serbs are not the new Nazis and the Kosovars are not the new Jews', Julie Burchill's take on the comparisons between the Serbs and the Nazis.

10 April 1999: 'Belgrade displays its own casualties of the battle', from the Independent
Robert Fisk reports from Belgrade on 'collateral damage'

9 April 1999: 'Bombing and the media war', from the 'Press Now' website
Spomenka Lazic reports from Belgrade on the propaganda offensive

9 April 1999: 'Taking responsibility', from the World Net Daily website
Alan Bock points to the evidence of civilian casualties in Yugoslavia

6 April 1999: 'A war of words and pictures', from the Independent
Phillip Hammond on the media war

5 April 1999: 'The Balkans: lies v facts', from the International Action Centre
Gary Wilson sifts through the truths and untruths

2 April 1999: 'The current bombings: behind the rhetoric', from ZNet
Naom Chomsky points out the consequences of NATO's breaking of international law

1 April 1999: 'Radioactive weapons used by US/NATO in Kosovo', from the International Action Center
The international action center discusses the unseen side of the war on Yugoslavia

April 1999: 'Atrocities management', from ZNet
Edward S Herman discusses the West's responsibility for the conflict in the Balkans

1 April 1999: 'Two 'executed' Kosovo Albanian leaders reported alive', from 'Press Now' website

30 March 1999: 'Kosovo: the liberals' war', from the Canada National Post
David Frum explains why the bombing of Yugoslavia is the 'perfect liberal war'

30 March 1999: 'American journalists have no reason to be smug', from Media Beat website
Norman Soloman looks at the US media's uncritical reporting of events in Yugoslavia

30 March 1999: 'The Kosovo crisis: perception and problem', from IDSA India
O.N. Mehrotra gives an alternative viewpoint on the problem in Kosovo

Links to other sites

Legal Guide to the Kosovo Conflict
A collection of articles and discussions on Kosovo from the Law Professors'
Network, including an interesting debate with the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade.

Amnesty's Kosovo Pages
Human rights organisation Amnesty International declares its concern for Kosovo refugees and its worries over NATO's attacks.

Against NATO
A slightly juvenile but funny website, pointing the finger at NATO's 'bloody warmongers'.

Balkans Special Report
The Washington Post's special pages on the conflict, including an archive of articles and up-to-date news reports.

Balkans War: Complete Coverage
MSNBC's excellent website on Kosovo, including an interactive guide, and all the latest news and views from NATO.

Kosovo Page
All the latest proclamations and opinions on Kosovo from the US state department.

Balkans Media and Policy Monitor
Back issues of publications from the Media Filter organisation, looking at past conflicts in Bosnia and current conflicts in Kosovo.

Serbian Unity Congress
A pro-Serb, anti-NATO website, with good links and an impressive collection of articles giving an alternative view of NATO's war.

Stop This War
Entertaining anti-war website, which invites visitors to sign an online position denouncing NATO for 'bombing Yugoslavia back to the stone age'.

Anti-NATO Web
A site which implacably opposes NATO's war, but with heavy Serb leanings and influences.

ZNet and ZMagazine
Znet publishes regular commentaries and articles taking a critical look at events in the Balkans and opposing the NATO bombings.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting
The IWPR watches the conflict in the Balkans from the media's point of view, often giving valuable insights.

International Action Center
'Information, Activism and Resistance to US militarism', including to the war in the Balkans.

The Committe Against US Intervention
Describes itself as the best 'anti-war' reference point on the net: has some useful criticisms of America's war and its attempts at censoring its opponents.

Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research
Anti-war campaign: has some excellent information and links on the conflict in Yugoslavia.

Mako News
This Balkans news site offers some useful insights into what is happening on the ground in Belgrade.

Ministry of Defence
For all the latest statements and press conferences from the organisers of Britain's war in the Balkans.

Serbian Information Centre
Regular reports on NATO attacks and critical media coverage of the West's war on Yugoslavia (from the Yugoslav government point of view).

Kosova Information Centre
Daily reports and articles on crisis in the Balkans (from the Kosovar Albanian point of view).

'Active site which criticises the NATO bombings and links to those who do likewise.'

Truth in Media
This media activist group claims to 'listen to the unsaid, read the unwritten, and cover the concealed'. Some good alternative viewpoints on NATO's war.

Kosovo Fact Files
BBC Online's excellent collection of all the latest news on the conflict, as well as background information and links.

Bombing Yugoslavia - a few critical thoughts
One of the few British websites to oppose the war - with some good links and comments.

Central Europe Online
Excellent site, which contains news about the conflict as it happens and collates different viewpoints from around central Europe and the world.

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
FAIR aims to highlight the double standards of some of the media and calls for truth and accuracy in journalism. A section of the site is now dedicated to the Kosovo conflict.

Radio Jugoslavija
This is the website of the government-sponsored radio station in Belgrade. It presents media views from inside Yugoslavia, mainly from the government's point of view.

Committee Against US Intervention
This steadfastly antiwar website contains much information about the Kosovo conflict and has articles which 'reveal what the media keeps hidden'.

The John Birch Society
This site has articles and viewpoints on many political and social issues, with an impressive amount of information on NATO's war.

Interesting and entertaining site, which implacably opposes NATO's war. Also has some good and well-illustrated facts about the refugee crisis.

The Emperor's Clothes
Aims to combat media misinformation about NATO/U.S. foreign policy distinguishes itself from other online news services in going one step further to get behind the news.

Anglo-Yugoslav Medical Aid
Anglo-Yugoslav Medical Aid is a non-political, humanitarian, charitable organisation which has been established to relieve the suffering of people of all ethnic origins in Yugoslavia resulting from a shortage of medical supplies. is dedicated to building an international opposition to the globalist and interventionist forces that would enslave us all in a New World Order on which the sun never sets.

British Helsinki Human Rights Group
The British Helsinki Human Rights Group is an independent Non-Governmental Organisation dedicated to monitoring the progress of democracy and human rights in the OSCE member states.