LM Online launched this special documentary on the Kosovo conflict to look behind the headlines, and to collect together critical analyses and alternative opinions on NATO's war.

Now, after the war, hard-hitting debates about what happened are conspicuous by their absence. LM Online wants to challenge that, by creating a space for dissenting views - this site gives you the opportunity to enter into discussions about all aspects of the Kosovo crisis and the ongoing debate about war crimes and post-Kosovo moral crusades.

At this site, you will find LM's arguments spelled out in a documentary format, on everything from genocide to Blair's 'humanitarian' crusade; a thorough timeline of Kosovo's history; and under resources, links to the best alternative information on NATO's war.

What's new

'Trepca was one of the first sites to be investigated by NATO forces after the war's end. Four months later, in October 1999, the International War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague had to admit that its intensive investigations into the mine had turned up no evidence of any bodies; not 6000, not even six, but none at all.' Mick Hume looks into the creative accountancy of the Holocaust industry. More...


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