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Guide to IRC

You may find it useful to print this page out for reference.

Here is what you need to do to take part in IRC chats:

  1. Download suitable IRC software.
  2. Configure the program to connect to IRC server called brisbane.qld.au.undernet.org and port number 6667.
  3. Select "Connect" to actually carry out the connection.
  4. Wait...it may take a minute or so to connect. You will see a screenful of information about the server.
  5. Enter a nickname, say Ricky, for yourself by typing:

    /nick Ricky

  6. Join the discussion forum or "channel" by entering:

    /join #netfreedom

  7. Have fun typing your thoughts!
Here are some other useful commands:
Quit the IRC program
/leave #netfreedom
Leave the forum/channel called #netfreedom. The "#" indicates that this is a public channel.
/me action
Sends a message saying that you carried out "action". For example, /me scratches head might display: Ricky scratches head.
/whois nick
Displays information about user called "nick".
/who #netfreedom
Tells you which users are participating in the forum/channel "#netfreedom".
Lists all the available forums/channels. This may take some time!



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