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Issue 60, October 1993

Hiding behind children

This month's Living Marxism focuses on the issues of children's rights, child sexual abuse, 'home alone' children and smacking kids. Our aim is to highlight the way in which children are being used as political pawns by the powers that be.

Throughout the twentieth century, British and American governments have accused their enemies of waging war against children, or of using children as a 'human shield'.

Today, however, it is clear that the British and US authorities are the ones hiding behind children. They are exploiting people's concern about the welfare of the young and vulnerable in order to legitimise more repressive laws and regulations.

Every authoritarian policy proposal, from tightening controls on television broadcasts to giving the police and courts more power, is now justified as an attempt to protect children. The fashionable concern with 'children's rights' has become the front for a state campaign to impose tighter controls on society.

That's why we think rejecting the fraud of children's rights is the precondition for protecting the real rights of adults.

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