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Issue 59, September 1993
4 Editorial

6 Letters

8 Whose finger on your TV button? Andrew Calcutt

12 Privacy laws Tessa Mayes

14 Europe after the ERM Helen Simons

17 Ann Bradley

18 Bosnia: bloody liberals Joan Phillips

22 Who gains from Tory losses? James Heartfield

24 May the state preserve us from ourselves Frank Richards

28 The 'flexible working' fraud Ellie Dashwood

32 Unhealthy conditions at work Kate Lawrence

34 Japan's problems Daniel Nassim

37 Toby Banks

38 Living: 41 Frank Cottrell-Boyce on TV

43 The Marxist Review of Books

Carry on CAM

This summer, Nato and the United Nations were arguing over which one had the right to bomb the Bosnian Serbs; the USA was threatening more gunship raids against Mogadishu, Somalia; the Israelis were using American arms to lay waste southern Lebanon; the British Army was passing yet another anniversary of the start of the Irish War; and the Metropolitan Police were binding and gagging a black woman, Joy Gardner, who died in custody.

Meanwhile, the Campaign Against Militarism was bringing more than three thousand people onto the streets of London, to march against Western warmongering and oppression at home and around the world (picture below).

CAM will be launching further initiatives throughout the year, in response to the rising tide of Western militarism. If you want to be kept informed of the campaign's plans, you can contact CAM on (071) 278 9908 or write to CAM, 92 Cromer Street, London WC1H 8DD.

Calling all American readers

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