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Issue 58, August 1993


In July's Living Marxism we highlighted the advance of the new authoritarianism in both domestic and international politics. Since then these trends have accelerated.

Abroad, the degree to which the Western powers now feel free to dictate to the rest of the world was demonstrated by the US bomb and missile attacks on Somalia and Iraq.

At home, the advance of state control at the ex-pense of civil rights continued. Dangerous developments include the setting up of armed checkpoints around the City of London, and the royal commission's proposal to undermine the right to trial by jury.

These issues are emphasised in this issue of Living Marxism. Now there is an urgent need to do something practical about them. The Campaign Against Militarism has begun that task, by leading the protests against the City of London checkpoints and the bombing of Baghdad and Mogadishu. The campaign now moves on to the march against militarism and war on Saturday 7 August.

If you want to stand up for democratic rights at home and abroad, get in touch with CAM on (071) 278 9908.

Cover photo: Italian soldiers take a Somali prisoner,1993

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